Drew Gilpin Faust, Glamour Girl

When we think of new Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust, we think fashion, style and of course, glamour. It’s that simple. What else would you expect from someone regarded as the world’s leading authority on the role of women in the Civil War?

Well, for a day Faust ditched her copy of Mothers of Invention for a big fat Glamour Magazine, as she was feted in New York, Monday, at the fashion mag’s “Women of the Year,” bash. The festivities—which honored 20 other women, including the three other female presidents of Ivy League universities—featured a performance by none other than Mariah Carey.

We can only imagine what a big Mariah fan President Faust is.

The Harvard Crimson quoted Faust saying that when Carey took the stage, “all the girls in the upper balcony just started shrieking…I looked at [Penn President Amy Gutmann] and said, ‘Good grief, this is not how we usually spend our time.'”

Good grief indeed, Charlie Faust. It looks like the real exciting development for Boston Daily isn’t so much Faust’s new-found fashion-plate status, but that she’s going to be a quote machine for years to come. We especially liked this gem, reported higher up in the Crimson story:

“When I said I’m not the ‘woman president of Harvard,’ I meant I’m not a president with an asterisk,” said Faust, who was honored alongside 20 other women at a ceremony in New York on Monday. “However, I am the president of Harvard who is also a woman, and that says that a woman can be president of Harvard.”

We think this means Faust was for being a woman president of Harvard before she was against it, but is now for it again. Or something.