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1194442238That’s going to be an awkward first day at work: In an upset, anonymous flier-mailer John Connolly beat incumbent Felix Arroyo in yesterday’s election. Connolly and the former target of his ire, Stephen Murphy, along with Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty, will fill the four vacant City Council seats. [Herald]

Though not many people care: Only 13.6 percent of registered voters went to the polls in Boston yesterday. Analysts blame it on the rain and voter apathy. Sounds about right to us. [Globe]

Bumpy road: Cab drivers are starting to fight the ever-changing rules of City Hall by showing up with lawyers to fight citations and asking for the right to refuse customers they think are dangerous. We know being a cabbie is a crappy job, but we’ve been left standing on the sidewalk as an empty cab whizzes by too many times to get behind their plan. [Herald]

Neighbors are upset about construction, and not in Back Bay: Residents of the West End are upset that the Turnpike Authority hasn’t rebuilt the pedestrian footbridge that connected the Science Park T station with the area around the Museum of Science. But when presented with plans for a new path, residents complained it was too long. City Councilor Michael Ross wisely says to just build the thing and “move on with life.” [Globe]