Breaking: Chez Vous Isn’t Closing

1194558647We here at Boston Daily love to put on our skates and rollerboogie. (Especially Keohane.) We were saddened by a report in today’s Herald that said popular Mattapan rink Chez Vous was going to be auctioned off next Wednesday. But we’ve just learned that the rink won’t be closing anytime soon.

We asked Lindsay Crudele, organizer of the popular All Skate events if the bad news was true. “Unfortunately, the writer there jumped the gun and spoke with neither the rink staff nor me,” she said in an email. “He read a notice in the Globe, and published the story from there. An arrangement was made shortly after the notice’s publication. . . [T]he rink will not be sold.”

Crudele also adds that the Herald will run another article explaining the mixup in tomorrow’s edition. So lace up your skates and let loose at tonight’s All Skate event, confident that Chez Vous will be there, at least for now.