Mitt Market is Open For Business

1194628590It’s like Christmas came early to Boston Daily HQ. Not only did we get a peek at the essays of riotous college students, but Mitt Romney has started his own auction site. Of course, the Democrats saw a golden opportunity to spoof his plan and they started an auction of their own.

There’s a delicious schadenfreude buffet today, and we’re going up for more.

This is not a joke.

The presidential candidate and former Massachusetts governor this week asked supporters to sell off old items to benefit his presidential bid.

Romney Campaign Manager Beth Myers sent an e-mail to supporters and asked them to sell their old belongings on Mitt Market, an online auction site.

Mitt Market? Doesn’t that sound a lot like “meet market?” Perhaps he should have saved that for an online dating site for vanilla couples with proceeds going to the campaign. Anyway, Mitt Market allows users to sell an item and donate the proceeds to the Romney campaign.

Of course, the humor doesn’t lie only in the name. The Democratic National Committee launched its own auction on eBay in response.

Having apparently run out of policy positions to auction off this campaign season, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is now calling on his supporters to join him in selling off parts of their pasts too. . . . Since Romney has tried to smooth talk his way to the GOP nomination by shedding his previous positions on just about every issue in this campaign, his friends at the Democratic National Committee decided to join the fun by auctioning off Romney’s past.

The Democratic package involves several flip-flop themed items, pro-Democrat paraphernalia, and a snowman. Sure, it’s kind of obvious, but for a political party it’s high humor. The Dems will keep the money from the sale, but will make an equal donation to an animal shelter in the name of Seamus Romney.

The Romney campaign isn’t amused.

“It just proves that the last person they want to run against is a chief executive like Governor Romney with a proven record of accomplishment who is determined to change the status quo of Washington and the free-spending, high-taxing ways of the Beltway Democrats,” said Sarah Pompei, deputy press secretary.

Why complain? Your candidate got some free advertising. Romney supporters will be more determined to sell their beat-up bicycles and old blenders to support their man, and Democrats will talk about it on their blogs, whipping the conservatives into more of a furor. And those of us who appreciate political sniping get a good laugh on a Friday afternoon. It’s win-win-win.