Weekend Redux: What You Missed

Just because you’re not checking your favorite news sites all weekend doesn’t mean the world stopped moving. We round up the notable stories you missed this weekend.

The bar you spent most of your weekend in may be closing. Sixty percent of watering holes in Boston have yet to install sprinkler systems in time for Thursday’s deadline. Many have been granted extensions, but 67 spots could shut down this week.

We don’t want to sound like moody teenagers, but Gov. Deval Patrick is a total hypocrite. In his legislation that proposes three casinos in Massachusetts there is a provision that would make internet gambling illegal. Why not just tax online gaming? Then everyone wins.

In lighter news, a Globe staffer went to the mall and was surprised to see Santa Claus before Thanksgiving. Also, buying a car has become more luxurious. Customers can work on their golf game, eat a gourmet lunch, or catch a game on a hi-def TV. As one customer said, “This place reminds me of the Mercier Champagne place we visited this summer in France. . .”

Conan O’Brien’s stalker was brought to a hospital for treatment after he left his parents house to go for a walk on Saturday and ended up at the WHDH studios, demanding to speak to an employee he’d been emailing. We’re glad this guy is getting help—not only for his well-being, but for ours. We get enough mail from crazy people as it is.

It’s a busy day for New Hampshire Primary coverage. A Globe poll proclaims Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney as the front-runners, but their lead is shaky at best. (Come on, Ron Paul!) In further Romney news, he says his advisers are discouraging him from giving a speech about his Mormonism, though he thinks it’s a good idea.

Our current hypocritical governor also hit the road for his BFF Barack Obama and spent his Saturday campaigning in New Hampshire. Here is your moment of Zen from his trip:

[Robert] Valade, a hunter, was skeptical about Obama’s position on gun owners’ rights.

Patrick discussed the issue, adding that he had hunted before.

“I’ve never done game,” he said. “I’ve done birds, quail, and pheasant.”

In further adventures of the Globe singing the praises of Red Sox ownership, the Globe Magazine features a profile of how the area is undergoing a development boom because of new zoning laws and the kindness of the Fenway Sports Group. Without their commitment to keeping Fenway Park where it is, we wouldn’t have West Elm and a collection of proposed condominiums. Also, our guy Ron Paul was on Face the Nation Sunday morning. He continued to be the candidate we fell in love with, coyly plugging his supporters’ plan to raise another huge sum of money on December 16, the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party. Seriously, Ron, call us. We promise we’re not scary like the crazy WHDH-stalking priest.