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1194874461Just don’t install any radios or televisions, please: The MBTA will take an additional 10 Green Line trains from the company that screwed them. The Breda cars, which had a tendency to break down, have been deemed fine by the T and will be ready to go by the middle of next year. [Globe]

The Patriots are evil: National Guard members dragged their families to a luncheon at Gillette Stadium expecting to meet Patriots players, but instead found some free food, cheerleaders, only one Superbowl ring, and no players. Maybe the Guard didn’t know it was a bye week? [Herald]

The Patriots are good: The Kraft Group plans to buy enough green energy credits from to meet all of Gillette Stadium’s game day electric needs. Insert your own “at least the illegal cameras will be energy-efficient” joke here. [Globe]

Happy Veteran’s Day: After being forced to bring up the rear in yesterday’s Veterans Day Parade, 18 members of Veterans for Peace were arrested after they lined up on the speakers’ platform with gags in their mouths. [Herald]