Beckett to Cy Voters: Whatever

1194969456The Cy Young Award winner was announced today and it’s not Josh Beckett. Instead, the well-deserving C.C. Sabathia took home the hardware, and you really can’t argue that with the choice. The Indians rode Sabathia hard all year and made the playoffs for the first time in six years, but the big lefty didn’t have a lot left in October. The Red Sox, meanwhile, were careful not to extend Beckett and, as we all know, he was wicked awesome in the playoffs.

Somehow we don’t think this will bother Beckett all that much. Come to think of it, nothing seems to really bother Beckett all that much.

There was a lot made about mechanical adjustments in his delivery, but every time he was asked about it Beckett would insist he wasn’t doing anything differently, as if admitting to an adjustment would be an acknowledgement of failure.

Before Game 5 in the ALCS, someone in Cleveland thought it would be a brilliant idea to have Beckett’s ex sing the National Anthem and God Bless America. To which Beckett simply shrugged, completely turned the emotional tide in the series, and afterward nonchalantly let fly with an f-bomb on live TV.

Then there was the Kenny Lofton incident where Beckett had a somewhat different reaction to that moment than say, Roger Clemens or Pedro Martinez would have had.

Still, Sabathia was the better pitcher in 2007, which is what the Cy Young award is supposed to be about, and Beckett will have to settle for being the best pitcher in all of baseball. That, and a whole slew of dead deer, apparently.