Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1194983316Aren’t they usually called poet laureates? Cambridge has announced who will be its first Poet Populist: Peter Payack whose work has appeared in Amazing Science Fiction Stories and the floor at the Davis Square T stop. He will appear at public events and gets a $1,000 stipend. [Cambridge Chronicle]

Watch what you say, kids: Two students at Newton North High School were suspended after they made comments about a teacher on Facebook. Didn’t these kids grow up with the Internet? Shouldn’t they know better? We hate when teenagers make us sound like our parents. [Newton Tab]

The one excuse Larry Craig didn’t dream up: Worcester doctor Peter Rice claims he was “gathering information” for a report about infectious diseases when he was busted offering an undercover cop $40 for sex. If it’s an excuse, it’s a good one—the doctor has published dozens of reports on STDs during his career. [WCVB]

Dora the Explorer will kill your children: Or so World Against Toys Causing Harm, Inc. would have you believe if you read its list of the 10 most dangerous toys. Every toy is dangerous if your kid eats it or sticks his face near the pointy parts—if you teach your kid not to be stupid, everything will be fine. [WBZ]