What You Missed: Veterans Day Edition

We’d like to welcome those of you who had yesterday off back to work. While you were celebrating our veterans, we were tirelessly working to entertain those of us who had to remember the sacrifices of our armed services while at the office. Find out what you missed, after the jump.

We talked to Manny Delcarmen about Bowling Strikes for Schools, his fundraiser at Kings this weekend. Also, the rest of the Media Bowling League had better watch out for our newest teammate.

You might be surprised by this, but Joe Keohane doesn’t like Rose, the character developed to lure kids to the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

We talked to Bernie Rubin about his semi-retirement from the furniture business.

The Metro steals the Herald’s thunder, becoming the paper with the second-highest circulation in the city.

The Pope isn’t coming to Boston. We’d complain, but he’s got some pretty big connections.

Jason Schwartz threw monkey feces in a rage over the NFL Network. We’re still disinfecting his cubicle.

We auditioned for The Bachelor, and decide we’d rather get rejected by a guy we’ve already met.

We’re adopting more candidates and sports stars than Angelina Jolie adopts babies, but we just can’t resist the charms of Big Baby.