Huckabee Went There

1195075643We feel like it’s been a little while since a good political catfight got started. Yes, Bill Clinton pointed out his nomination-seeking better half is a woman, but that didn’t elicit the visceral reaction we like from our politics. But today, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee look like they’re about to get into it.

At a campaign stop in Iowa, Romney took a shot at Huckabee’s policy of granting tuition breaks to illegal immigrants while governor of Arkansas.

“Giving a better deal to the children of illegal aliens than we give to US citizens from surrounding states is simply not fair and not right,” Romney told reporters, according to the Associated Press.

Kind of boring, right? Another example of the tsk-tsk criticism we’ve come to expect from our former governor. Instead of just ignoring his comment, Huckabee escalated the fight on America’s Newsroom today.

“I guess Mitt Romney would rather keep people out of college so they can keep working on his lawn, since he had illegals there.”

Oooooh, burn! Finally, we’re getting down to the nasty personal attacks that make politics so rewarding for us. (You know, aside from all the high-minded talk of change and stuff.) If Mitt doesn’t respond with a comment about how that’s big talk coming from a former fattie, we’re going to be deeply disappointed.