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1195070231She married her real-life McDreamy: Grey’s Anatomy star (and Everett native) Ellen Pompeo married music producer Chris Ivery in a small ceremony in New York City on Friday. We’re a little hurt she didn’t get married closer to home, but we’re happy she’s happy. [Daily Intelligencer]

Is the staff at Gypsy Bar racist? Ryan Barrett reports watching white men in sneakers being allowed in to the Boylston Street spot while her Middle Eastern friends were told to go home and change. The owner of the bar claims their policy applies to all races, and that he’ll speak to his staff about the incident. [CheapThrills]

The IRS wants to give us $3 million: Over 2,000 Massachusetts taxpayers are owed an average of $1,357 by the IRS. While it’s nice when the agency owes us money, we’d just like to remind you that our favorite presidential candidate wants to abolish the IRS. Just sayin’. [WCVB]

No Bastille Day game? Quelle horreur! The Red Sox released the 2008 schedule and ticket pricing today. And to thank us for being such loyal fans, they’ve cut prices! No, we’re just messing with you. Prices on most tickets are going up, and the team will be on the road for most major holidays this year. [WBZ]