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1195047646Let her break it down for you: Attorney General Martha Coakley has postponed a set of new restrictions on the mortgage industry in order to explain them to brokers. Instead of taking effect tomorrow, they’ll take effect on January 2. [Globe]

It’s seldom a good idea to wear a noose to work: A customer service agent for the MBTA was suspended after he wore a noose on Halloween. The worker claims it was part of a Pagan ritual, but his coworkers were so upset by his “choice of neckwear” he was sent home for the day. [Herald]

Wait, who’s the “she” in this situation? Departing Boston Public Library president Bernard Margolis doesn’t go down without a fight, accusing Mayor Tom Menino of having an “anti-intellectual bent.” Menino won’t fight back, saying he doesn’t do “he said, she said.” [Globe]

The budget falls short: Governor Deval Patrick’s budget chief says the state may face a $1.3 billion deficit in the next fiscal year. Patrick hopes to fix the problem without resorting to tax increases, but we’re going to start hiding our money under the mattress now. [Herald]