Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1195155629Important information for those planning apres-work drinks: Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser Jr. suspended the licenses of the Milky Way, Packy Connors, and Kay’s Oasis for not meeting today’s deadline to have sprinklers installed in their bars. The Sunset Grille and Tap and the Barking Crab were granted extensions. [WCVB]

Don’t worry. The Bush administration will take care of it: President George Bush will announce his plan to make the horrific experience of flying better, starting with airports in the Northeast. It would have been nicer to have plans in place more than a week before the travel nightmare that is Thanksgiving, but at least he’s trying. [WBZ]

Theo, we know what we want for Christmas: Channel 7 reports that four teams have offered Mike Lowell four-year deals while the Red Sox stand by their initial three-year offering. Santa, we’ve been so good. Please wrap him up in a ribbon and stick him under our tree. [WHDH]

Mooners face crack down. Get it? Tourists are appalled that hikers on Mount Washington moon them as they pass by on the Mount Washington cog railway. After the complaints, undercover officers caught the offenders with their pants around their ankles. [WCVB]