Cruising the College Dailies

A morning here at Boston Daily is not complete without taking a spin through our fair city’s fine college daily newspapers (and the weekly ones too—what’s the deal, Boston College, too hung over the other six days of the week to put out a paper?) Anyhow, three stories especially tickled us today:
“Rally calls for Yale’s Demise,” the Harvard Crimson.

This is great for the headline alone. We can just envision a flock of Dr. Evil-esque Harvard men and women gathered in a dark, dank basement, nervously rubbing their hands together while they plot Yale’s “demise” and cackle ominously. Also, how obnoxious is that first paragraph? We’ve got news for you Harvard: You were our safety school.

“Tufts’ Nerd Girls get $10,000 from Verizon, plan to use it for outreach,” the Tufts Daily.

The “Nerd Girls,” a group of female engineers at Tufts committed to drawing more females into the engineering sciences, won an impressive award and plan to use the proceeds for good works. We think this is admirable, but do have one suggestion: If your goal is to, as you say, decrease the “stigma attached to women in engineering,” it might help not to use stigmatizing labels. You know, like, “Nerd Girls.”

“COM profs. allowed drinking in class, students say,” the BU Daily Free Press.

A communications class at BU was canceled yesterday after its two profs allowed to students to drink beer in class last week without checking their IDs first. Apparently Professors Lawrence DeLamarter and Dave Schaefer brought the suds in for a demonstration on beer advertising campaigns. Next time, we trust, they will bring wrist bands and ID scanners as well.