Extreme Makeover, Fenway Edition

1195234456As we continue to wait for news on whether Mike Lowell will stay with the Sox, the team has tried to distract us by discussing ticket prices and renovations to Fenway Park. While we’re going to continue our Sign Lowell vigil, we were interested by what sounds like a great addition to the park. It seems the team is going to put a restaurant in center field.

Well, not literally in center field.

Bleacher Bar & Grill, a year-round restaurant in center field, is scheduled to open at the start of the 2008 season. Beneath the bleachers that previously sat atop the visitors’ batting cages, it will open onto Lansdowne Street, with a view into the ballpark as well.

How much do you think this place will charge for a beer? We’d say $9 a bottle.

The sad thing is, we’ll probably pay it. How cool would it be to watch the game in a bar, and be able to look over your shoulder to see Jacoby Ellsbury make a beautiful catch? Sure, you’ll have to stake out the prime seating about five hours before the game starts, but at least you won’t have to pay StubHub prices to be near the action.

Though this field view will have its problems. By the seventh inning, some drunk guy will be inspired to run onto the field, run full-bore toward center field, then hit the glass and slide down like an injured bird. Come to think of it, that would add a new level of entertainment to our baseball viewing experience.