The Week That Was

1195057502Chronicling the past week via quick links and pithy commentary (Norman Mailer, RIP edition).

On the occasion of Norman Mailer’s death: We remember his brilliant self-written obit from the Sept., 1979 issue of Boston.

No Pope for us: Benedict to play Yankee Stadium, but not Fenway. Hey, they need the help.

We always wanted a Big Baby: Glen Davis, now the official Celtic of Boston Daily.

For casino guidance, look no further than: Detroit? Yeah, Detroit.

The Pats beat everyone: Even Las Vegas.


Rolling with Manny: Delcarmen talks bowling, giving back to the city, and winning a World Series.

Bernie and Phyl are stepping aside: The furniture mavens, and TV stars, are beginning to turn over the family business.

Herald becomes third paper in a one-newspaper town: The Metro surpasses the tab in circulation numbers.


Who wants the Pope here? Not Gonzalez.

Oh, Rachael Ray will you never leave us alone? Say, ‘Delish’ one more time and we’ll have to come down there.


Paul McMorrow joins us: And we sent him to a beard-shaving.

Cambridge throws out the boy scouts: And the red staters come calling.

Boston’s too sexy: The Sexiest Man and Sexiest Fan both used to live here.

Michele McPhee made a mistake: And we talked to her about it.


When it comes to scandals: Cardinal O’Malley may want to rethink his choice of words.

The Celtics may never lose: Seriously. 82-0.

Our long city nightmare is over: Howie Carr is back on the airwaves. Yay?


The Cambridge boy scout thing continues to overheat: Thankfully, we have a solution.

The definition of Brookline mother: One who assumes her children are way more important than you are.

That’s the week. If you need us, we’ll be laughing at all those kids that can’t get into the Washington Sq. Tavern. Ha-ha. Suckers.