Acknowledges Metro

1195576327As we were clicking around the shiny new this morning, something caught our eye. Under the local news heading, there was a link to something with the heading “Metro.” That’s funny, we thought. That section was called City & Region. But when we followed the link, we found that the ties between the first- and second-most widely circulated daily papers are getting closer.

The link took us to a story about a brewing tiff between the MBTA and the MBCR, the company that runs the commuter rail. It wasn’t reported in the Globe, but it did appear on the front page of the Metro.

It’s an interesting to see the daily nodding to its corporate little brother on its hugely popular website. We called the Metro and to get a comment on how much cross-pollination between the two publications we can expect, but haven’t heard back yet. When we do, we’ll let you know.