Townie Town Hall

Not every item of note can make it into Boston’s big dailies. We scoured the local papers to keep you up-to-date.

1195662185We told you the South End is over: Bob’s Southern Bistro, the popular South End jazz club and restaurant, will host its final New Orleans-inspired funeral brunch on Sunday to mourn its closing. Get your fried food before the location becomes “Night Town.” Ugh. [South End News]

Harrowing tales of crumbling infrastructure, part 879: A footbridge that spans Route 9 in Brookline has started raining metal debris on the road below. The town had planned to destroy it, but with a potential new office building on one side of the bridge it is reconsidering. Inspectors promise it won’t collapse on pedestrians and cars. [Brookline Tab]

No more food for Winter Hill: The Star Market in Somerville’s Winter Hill neighborhood will close on January 26. The city is debating whether to buy the building for a new police station, but the newspaper’s staff is more concerned with where they’re going to get their groceries. [Somerville Journal]

Convenient excuse or First Amendment issue? Students at Newton South high school are upset that their papers are entered into a database of student works designed to prevent plagiarism. They claim that uploading their entire papers into a private website robs them of their copyright. It’s a valid point, but nobody really cares about your 5-page paper on the themes in Macbeth, kids. [Newton Tab]