Turkey and Its Aftermath

1195657601Here at Boston Daily, we love Thanksgiving. It’s one of the few holidays left that you can cite by name when wishing people well, and we love any occasion based on gorging ourselves on rich food and watching football. But for those of you who just can’t stand the idea of pulling giblets out of a raw turkey, we’ve got options for you.

Our crack team of epicures has compiled an extensive list of area restaurants that will do the cooking for you. Feast Without the Fuss has something for those of you who want to do the whole experience without washing a dish. You can also buy some pies from them for a good cause. Plus, it will help avoid a feud about how long to cook the bird.

Of course, some would argue all that food is just fuel for Black Friday shopping. Boston Daily correspondent Brittany Jasnoff rounded up some sales, such as 10 percent off outerwear and blazers at Queen Bee on Newbury Street. Those who already subscribe to our Go-To Guide newsletter will also find a 15 percent off pass for Sabon on Friday and Saturday. (Those of you who are kicking yourselves at this lost opportunity can avoid future frustration by subscribing here.)

We know some of you relish the gladiator-like combat of chain-store shopping on Black Friday, and several websites posted sales early. And if rousing yourself from a tryptophan coma at 4a.m. on Friday doesn’t work, there’s always Cyber Monday.