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1195651950Some flowers would be a way to make it up to us: The Legislature has approved moving the state primary to February 5. Expect to see a slew of ads from former governor Mitt Romney as he tries to avoid a humiliating loss on his home turf. [Globe]

Please shop: The city of Boston will spend $100,000 to lure shoppers to Downtown Crossing. The area’s retailers fear that shoppers won’t visit the area without the draw of Filene’s Basement, so the city will pay for an advertising campaign and Santa Claus on the weekends. [Herald]

We want to help you, but you don’t qualify: Despite setting aside $250 million to help homeowners who face foreclosure, the state has not helped one person refinance his or her mortgage. Most people applying for the loans don’t meet the criteria for refinancing. [Globe]

Trims for a good cause: A salon owner in New Hampshire has taken the $400 haircut idea and run with it. He now offers the high-priced haircuts to presidential hopefuls, but donates the proceeds to the Autism Society of America. [Herald]