More Mitt: Romney Flip-Flops on YouTube Debate

1196192734We’re all Mitt all the time this afternoon, but we had to get this one out there. Romney’s website reminded us that he has changed his mind once again, this time agreeing to be on tomorrow night’s CNN/YouTube Republican debate. In July, he couldn’t be bothered to show up. But late last month, he decided he’d love to attend.

Back in July Romney scoffed at the notion of participating in the debate.

“I think the presidency ought to be held at a higher level than having to answer questions from a snowman,” Romney said earlier this week, referencing a Democratic event held in South Carolina on Monday that included a question about global warming from a snowman.

It was unusually strong anti-geek talk coming from a candidate that has throughly embraced internet video throughout his campaign. Sure, it’s a stupid conceit to have a snowman ask a question about global warming, but then, so is eating in diners every day for two years in an effort to become president.

Someone pointed this out to the candidate, and just before Halloween his tone changed considerably.

“Gov. Romney is looking forward to traveling to St. Petersburg for the debate and looking forward to discussing issues important to voters in Florida and across the country,” [campaign spokeswoman] Kristy Campbell said.

Now that Mitt has reconciled with the Internet, what questions does he have to look forward to? This vague query from Goldy the stuffed elephant makes the snowman look downright brilliant in comparison. A woman in Florida challenges the candidates to live on the average social security payment for someone in that state, which Mitt can use to get a laugh by pointing out he wasn’t paid to be governor of Massachusetts.

You know, after flipping through the submissions, we’re pretty sure Romney’s first position was the right one. The majority of these questions are inarticulate drivel posted to garner some quick Internet celebrity. Maybe we should let the journalists ask questions while the candidates sip coffee and kiss babies.