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1196170415C’mon get slappy: An Arlington nurse wants to make spanking a child illegal, even in a parent’s own home. The legislator who filed the petition for the nurse is skeptical on whether this is a violation of parent’s rights, but figures it’s worth a shot. [Herald]

Micromanaged competition: Attorney General Martha Coakley will ask auto insurers to further cut their rates for 2008. She claims that companies are passing $200 million in costs to customers, which wouldn’t have happened if the state still set insurance rates. [Globe]

Under review: Governor Deval Patrick has called for a review of the release of Daniel Tavares Jr. after he fled to Washington and killed a couple over a $50 debt. While it doesn’t solve former governor Mitt Romney’s campaign problems, it’ll make us feel better if somebody makes sure scary violent criminals stay in jail. [Herald]

Details, details, details: MBTA Transit Police have won the right to work details at transit construction sites. City officials claimed that Boston police officers should guard the sites since they know city streets better, but a judge didn’t buy that argument. [Globe, second item]