48 Minutes Not Enough to Beat C’s

1190922388We are a full month into the NBA season and already two things are clear. One, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce play just fine together, thank you. And two, you can’t beat this team in regulation. The Celtics lost for only the second time last night, and like their loss at Orlando, it took overtime and the best player in the league, for Cleveland to finish the deal.

The Celtics sounded angry after the game that they didn’t get the win, which is yet another mark of a good NBA team, but in a delightful twist, the Celtics get a rematch with Cleveland on Sunday. With the Pats not playing until Monday that should be must-see TV for Boston sports fans.

We’d love to tell you more of what we thought about last night’s game, but an issue with our cable had us on the phone with Comcast for all but the last 2 minutes of overtime. (In fairness to our maligned provider, they did fix the problem.)

We know this from the box score: Big Baby had another impact performance with 8 points and 2 boards in 6 minutes. Again, without having actually seen it, the kid is proving there is a place for him in the league.

Related NBA Goodness: Check out this highly-enlightening piece in the New York Observer about life on the Knicks beat. To everyone who thinks covering a pro sports team is a dream come true, this is a jarring reminder about how petty, vindictive and mean-spirited things are over at the other Garden.