Hey EFers, Now You Want to Talk About It?

As many Milton Academy students and alumni have pointed out to us, journalism isn’t easy. It requires hounding people who may not want to talk, endless Lexis searches, and stalking people on social networking sites. We do this to entertain and inform you, our valuable readers. But would it have killed you to help us out a little bit?

For those web-savvy readers who feel their pulse race when a new element crops up on a website, you may have noticed the new feature on our homepage that shows our most viewed and most commented stories from Boston magazine. “Office Party Fouls,” a story in our December issue (on newsstands now, folks!) documents the wild and crazy holiday office parties at EF, a student travel company in Cambridge.

We worked like crazy to line up sources for that story. We tried to find employees on Facebook and MySpace. We posted ads on Craigslist. We asked former employees to give us the goods. Clearly, we found some former and current employees with some amazing, vomit-soaked stories.

But even more dirt has come out in the comments posted on our website. Here’s some of our favorites.

I once saw a guy take of his belt at the company bar (yes there is a bar on the 1st floor) and start spanking girls with it.

. . . I worked at EF while in my 20s, and I had a fantastic time. I went to wild company parties, I had sex with a variety of beautiful, interesting women. On top of all the drinking, I even did some serious drugs with a couple vice-presidents there!. . .

I worked at EF for 2 months, but had to quit due to all the effin’ Jager bombs. I was drenched in SOCO & Lime cologne the whole time I worked there.

I had the misfortune of blowing out my MCL at an EF Holiday Party.

Readers, please don’t keep these gossipy stories to yourself. Feel free to share with the class. Even if they don’t have a bold face name attached to them, we can respect a group that parties so hard someone can blow out his or her MCL.