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1196283259And us law-abiding citizens win nothing: A man who robbed two banks won $1 million on a scratch ticket. After his second robbery, the sentencing judge told him he couldn’t gamble, so he may have to return the money he’s already received. He also may be sent back to jail for a parole violation. [WBZ]

This is why we use plastic: An elderly woman was loading bags into her car when her shopping cart, which contained her purse, got stuck in the back of a delivery truck. When the truck drove away, the bag ripped and sent nearly $1,100 in cash flying through the streets of Montague. Police ask that anyone who grabbed the cash return it to the nice old lady. [WHDH]

Good news, since it seems Massachusetts isn’t very good at creating jobs: Governor Deval Patrick, House Speaker Sal DiMasi, and Senate President Therese Murray have agreed on a time-line that will expedite hearings on the governor’s stalled life sciences initiative. It remains to be seen if they can agree on anything else. []

Wait, Brookline has gangs? A group of teenagers attacked a man who was riding his bicycle through the Longwood Medical Area on Monday. Police believe the beating may have been gang-related since the kids didn’t steal his stuff and one of them wore a blue bandanna. []