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1196342957A $2.9 billion fixer-upper: Governor Deval Patrick will file a transportation bill that will bring commuter rail service to New Bedford, repair roads, and extend the Green Line to Somerville. While he’s dreaming big, he’d also like a pony. [Herald]

Prepare for gold-plated monstrosities, Massachusetts: Celebrity developer Donald Trump is scouting locations for a casino he hopes to build if the governor’s proposal gets off the ground. We probably don’t have much to fear—all of the Donald’s forays into Massachusetts have been unsuccessful. [Globe]

The one scandalous justice story without a Kathe Tuttman connection: Gary Zerola, a Boston lawyer and Most Eligible Bachelor has been released on $100,000 bail. In January, he will face trial on charges he drugged and raped several young women. [Herald]

No, we mean it this time: The MBCR, the company that runs the commuter rail, claims it’s going to have the trains running on time after two months of dismal performance. Let us know how that works out for you, commuter rail users. [Globe]