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The federal government botched something? You’re kidding: An independent review of the federal findings about the safety of the BU biolab call the previous study “not sound or credible.” These sobering new findings won’t stop construction on the new facility, however. [Globe]

Tuning out: There are 40,000 fewer viewers of Channel 5’s 6p.m. news since veteran anchor Natalie Jacobson’s departure. Seeing her smiling face makes us miss her all over again. [Herald]

New York, New York: We know not everyone cares as much about the Celtics as we do, but we know everyone loves a thrashing of a New York sports team. The Knicks fell to the Celtics, 104-59. It was the franchise’s third-worst loss ever. [Globe]

You’re not fired. Yet: Gov Deval Patrick has rejected a call by two members of his council for a removal hearing for judge Kathe Tuttman. Earlier this week, the governor called for a review of the release of Daniel Tavares Jr. but hasn’t yet caved in to demands the judge that released him be removed. [Herald]