Like Water for Oxycontin

1196779557On Friday, four Cambridge city employees were arrested after police received an anonymous tip. The men were charged with an array of drug-related crimes, but it wasn’t clear exactly what the city employees had done. The Cambridge Chronicle follows up, reporting that the men used city trucks during work hours to shuttle drugs around the city.

The Herald must have been too busy celebrating with warm muffins to Photoshop Oxycontin and piles of cocaine into a Cambridge water truck, which is too bad. This is just begging for some tabloid treatment.

Russell Feroleto, a water system maintenance craftsman who has worked for the city for about 15 years, allegedly delivered cocaine and Oxycontin from his orange Water Department truck while he was supposed to be working. . . .

Detectives allegedly seized 23 bags of cocaine, one paper packet of cocaine, 367 Oxycontin pills and more than $400 in cash from Feroleto. Feroleto was allegedly making drug delivery stops around the city, including at the city’s Traffic and Parking building on Broadway and allegedly dealing at a work site at Danehy Park, according to court records. Feroleto allegedly sold drugs packaged in Watertown Savings Bank envelopes with the buyers’ initials on the outside of the envelope, according to court records.

It’s like an ice cream truck, with drugs instead of Bomb Pops. And, hey, at least no kids were in danger. Sure, the guy sold drugs in a school zone, but what kid is going to approach a water truck looking for Oxycontin?

This story has the potential to get even juicer, since the drug dealing conspiracy may go all the way to the top of the Cambridge Water Department.

The police investigation of the Water Department employees began after an anonymous tipster who called Feroleto a major drug dealer, left a message for police that Feroleto was being protected in his drug dealing operation by his supervisors, according to court records.

“I’m not going to agree with that statement,” said City Manager Bob Healy when asked if city officials were investigating other Water Department workers.

This one is just getting started.