McPhee Quits Herald, Moves to TKK Full-Time

Yesterday Adam Reilly at the Phoenix reported a rumor that Michele McPhee, the Herald’s crack cops-jakes-and-crime reporter, has tendered her resignation to her bosses at the ailing tab.

Sources close to McPhee confirm this, and add that she’s taken a full-time gig at WTKK-FM and ditched daily journalism altogether.

McPhee hosted a Saturday show for TKK for years. First with current Globe metro editor Brian McGrory, and then with a rotating cast of hosts, including former mayoral spokesman and Boston mag contributor Seth Gitell.

Recently she’s been filling the spot vacated by nappy-headed host Don Imus, though that came to an end when the station brought his show back.

This is really bad news for the Herald. Whatever you think of her often pro-cop “The Beat” columns, the hardboiled and tireless McPhee was one of the best-sourced reporters they had, and not exactly someone you can replace quickly. All of that makes publisher Pat Purcell’s “I’m Not Dead Yet” editorial yesterday that much more bittersweet.

UPDATE: Sources have indicated that McPhee will take the 7 p.m. evening slot currently occupied by Bill O’Reilly’s syndicated show. TKK Program Director Grace Blazer offered only a “no comment.”

UPDATE II: Blazer just confirmed the story. McPhee starts as the 7-10 p.m. host on Jan. 7.