Terry Francona: Medically Exempt Sloppy Dresser?

1196802154Yesterday came word that Major League Baseball would be enacting a “Francona Rule” named after Red Sox skipper Terry Francona’s less than conventional game attire. Instead of wearing his cozy fleece, Francona will be required to don a uniform next year. Is this leveling the playing field, or is MLB trying to kill the cardiac-challenged Francona?

Bob Watson, Major League Baseball’s Vice President of Rules and On-Field Operations and owner of what must be the world’s longest job title, spelled it out.

“You can only wear your uniform top or jacket. You can’t wear your night-shirt, or whatever it is. You can wear it before games, or after games, but not during games. You have to have your uniform top at all times.”

Local reaction was pretty strong. The Herald’s commenters led the charge.

Deidre writes, “I think VP Bob will likely need to follow a ‘no underwear’ clause next season, as clearly his knickers have been in a twist over what Tito wears for sometime.”

POB adds, “If Tito really does wear the sweatshirt because of a medical condition that meets the legal definition of a disability (a physical impairment that substantially limits a major life activity), then he is protected by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and he is entitled to a ‘reasonable accommodation’ to this ridiculous rule.”

But reaction goes beyond the Herald. Stealth called Watson a “flaming piece of dog [stuff].” Reaction at Universal Hub is mixed, with a token Yankees fan on board with the change.

Wouldn’t the regulation be more accurately named the Manny Ramirez Rule if we’re going for a pajama-free baseball game? We’re surprised his four-sizes-too-big pants don’t come with bunny slippers. Though judging by the man-child’s behavior, we wouldn’t be surprised if he dons them once he’s back in the clubhouse.