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1196775457Smaller government starts at home: The Herald calls out Gov. Deval Patrick for having a payroll that is $1 million more than that of the previous administration during these trying economic times. Of course, unlike Mitt Romney and Kerry Healey, Patrick and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray are collecting their salaries, which adds $265,000 right there. [Herald]

No, really, you’re going to pay less: Thanks to the tax revenue generated by commercial real estate in the city, Boston residents will pay an average of $142 less in taxes for a single-family home than they did last year. [Globe]

More racism at the T: A former Suffolk District Attorney has been hired to investigate racist behavior from a “top official” at the MBTA. This is in addition to the noose-related incidents. [Herald]

Free cupcakes in Somerville: Because of the snow yesterday, Lyndell’s Bakery in Ball Square will offer free cupcakes again today to celebrate its 120th year in business. It’s a snow day miracle. [Globe]