Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1196884852If you’ve got 9,400 gallons of gas in your truck, please slow down: A truck driver who sped through a traffic circle in Everett caused an inferno that incinerated homes and as many as 40 cars. Somehow, there seem to be no serious injuries. [WHDH]

So the procedure is. . . suck at your job, get a huge reward? Attorney General Martha Coakley found that the Citi Performing Arts Group followed standard charity procedure when it granted president Josiah Spaulding Jr. a $1.3 million bonus. Spaulding has overseen five years of losses for the group. []

Corporate greed continued: During these trying times, companies are cutting back on holiday parties. While an extra day off is nice, we relish the opportunity to stick it to the bottom line by pickling our livers in free vodka tonics and watching our coworkers act like fools. [Globe]

Swedes fed up with Massachusetts inefficiency: Ikea spokesman Joseph Roth responds to Somerville residents’ complaints about the proposed store in Assembly Square with telltale frustration. “This is the most-reviewed proposed Ikea store in the history of Ikea in the U.S.,” he tells the Somerville Journal. Hey, if you want efficiency, go back to Sweden, pal. [Somerville Journal]