We’d Like to Report a Blognapping

Dear Boston Police Department,

1196876493Hello, officers. As you may be aware, we’re big fans of your blog, BPDNews.com. It’s an easy way for us to check up on both tragic and somewhat funny crimes in the city. But we haven’t seen a new post from you since Sunday, and it’s starting to scare us.

The last time we saw you, you were encouraging us to attend the Boston Police Relief Association’s 136th Annual Awards Ball. While our formalwear was at the dry cleaner’s, we consoled ourselves with the fact that you’d return on Monday. But you’ve left us hanging.

Did you have too much fun at Lombardo’s in Randolph and wind up in the hospital? Have budget cuts forced you to lay off the talented officer or assistant who writes the witty headlines we love? All we’ve had to keep us busy this week is the Brookline Police Blog, which reads like a second grader’s book report.

We’re not the only ones who miss you. Please come back soon before we show up on your doorstep, begging to read the blotters in person.

Boston Daily