Will the Pats be Forced to Work With StubHub?

1196870620Back in October, the Patriots won a lawsuit against StubHub for encouraging season ticket holders to violate the state’s antiscapling laws and the team’s ticket resale policy. The Patriots currently have a deal with TicketExchange that requires ticketholders to sell their tickets at face value, even though the coveted tickets can cost much more on other sites. Things may get awkward for the Patriots, since StubHub is in the running to become the Official Ticket Resale Outlet of the NFL.

The Patriots are cool with the idea of a league-wide site, largely because they can continue their bizarre commitment to face value resale.

Greg Aiello, an NFL spokesman, said the Patriots supported the decision to hire an official ticket reseller for the entire league because of the way the resolution was crafted.

“The resolution gives each club the ability to ensure that its own club policies relating to tickets are implemented as part of any league secondary ticket deal,” Aiello said in an e-mail. “The Patriots have been consistent in their position on their own tickets, but did not want to dictate policies to other clubs.”

So those of you whose names may have been given to the Patriots in the StubHub settlement shouldn’t rest too easy. The team may still come after you for selling your tickets for a few extra bucks.

Maybe it’s because they don’t want to be accused of running up prices and the score.