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1196964884Was Judge Kathe Tuttman presiding? A cat breeder who was convicted of animal cruelty charges after police found more than 60 dead cats in her home has been allowed to keep two living cats the state took from her home. How is this a good idea? []

The voices made him do it: Leeland Eisenberg told reporters in an interview yesterday that he debated with himself before going to the Clinton campaign offices in Rochester, NH and taking hostages with an unfortunate choice of words. “[Y]ou have a voice of reason on one side. And you have this voice on the other side of your head driving you to say ‘yes, this is what you need to do, this is the right thing to do; to sacrifice yourself for others.'” [WHDH]

Curt Schilling has something to say: We’re surprised too. The pitcher reacts to the “Schilling Clause” that makes a player ineligible for an award if he stands to get money from the honor. Schilling’s new contract gives him a $1 million bonus for even one Cy Young vote. [38 Pitches]

People love it when you (almost) lose: The Patriots-Ravens game got the highest ratings of any cable program. Ever. We expect there will be partying in the streets outside New England if the Pats do indeed lose this weekend to the Steelers. [WBZ]