The Big Day is Finally Here

1196697575Every night this week we’ve been drinking until we pass out on top of our covers because we’ve been too excited to sleep. We’ve imagined how awesome today is going to be, spontaneously breaking into a huge grin while walking down the street. In a few minutes, we’ll send one of the interns to microwave a bag of popcorn to snack on during the big show.

Mitt Romney is giving his much-anticipated “Mormon speech” in less than an hour, and the excitement at Boston Daily HQ is palpable.

Earlier this week, we predicted what the speech will sound like.

. . . [W]e think Romney’s speech will be fairly impersonal. Expect Romney to give us the Wikipedia rundown of what his religion is all about, complete with barely-concealed eye-rolling about how he doesn’t have a harem of wives in Utah. After the brief explanation, there will be talk about how Mormons are just like the rest of the family-loving, gay-hating religious conservative voters are familiar with.

According to the delicious little hints Romney’s been driving us mad with this week, we may have been wrong about the Wikipedia rundown part.

“I can tell you I’m not going to be talking so much about my faith as I am talking about the religious heritage of our country and the role in which it played in the founding of the nation and the role which I think religion should generally play today in our society,” Romney said in an interview with WBZ-AM.

We still think there’s going to be a primer on the basic tenets of Mormonism for those who confuse the LDS church with Scientology. has posted some spoilers, but we hate when someone ruins a surprise and haven’t read them. For those of you without a TV, you can watch the speech live on the Romney campaign website.

We’re off to get some snacks and settle our nerves.