The Oprah and Obama Primary Tour

1196959680Boston Daily doesn’t always understand America’s obsession with Oprah Winfrey. Fans cite her as this mother figure they can easily relate to, but she seems awfully judgmental to us. (Unless, of course, she’s bringing some swag.)

Now the queen of daytime TV is hitting the road for surging Democratic candidate Barack Obama, appearing this weekend in New Hampshire. Unless she’s giving away cars, we’re not interested.

We can see why Obama is happy to see Oprah coming, however.

Senator Barack Obama’s appearance with Oprah Winfrey at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester on Sunday night is shaping up to be one of the biggest campaign events in New Hampshire primary history.

Obama’s campaign has given away all the free tickets for the 10,000-seat arena, Jen Psaki, campaign spokeswoman, said yesterday.

People. You. . . do realize this is not a taping of the Oprah show, right? There will be no Favorite Things. Dr. Phil will not be there to solve your problems with his folksy mixed metaphors. It’s all the policy talk and fundraising of the average campaign event, but with Miss O there to provide commentary.

There’s been a lot of tut-tutting about how Oprah’s appearance won’t really help Obama out all that much, but we’re not so sure. This is the woman who brought One Hundred Years of Solitude and Anna Karenina back to the bestseller lists and has the number one daytime television show in the history of time.

Even if a good portion of the 10,000 people only go to see Oprah, they may hear something they like and consider voting for Obama. In these last few weeks before the early primaries, every little thing could make a difference.