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1196947760Repent! The end is near: After yesterday’s apocalyptic scene in Everett, local politicians take the time to express their fear that if an LNG tanker had blown up off the coast of the town everyone within a half-mile radius would have been incinerated. Sleep well tonight, kids. [Herald]

Sleep tight, part II: Logan has been ranked fourth in the nation for “runway incursions,” which is a nice way of saying near-collisions between airplanes on the ground. Come for the delays, stay for the fun of cheating death. [Globe]

Girl power: Forty-four percent of Massachusetts’s powerful state positions are staffed by women. Some experts say our state, which has the fifth-highest percentage of women in state government, made an effort to hire the ladies, but we think it’s just because Gov. Deval Patrick is so excited about the Spice Girls reunion tour. [Herald]

Brockton gets the technical KO: After overwhelmingly negative feedback on its plan to place a statue of Rocky Marciano in Boston instead of the boxing legend’s hometown of Brockton, the World Boxing Council changed its mind. [Globe]