Christmas Comes to Fenway

1197054908Yesterday, we dragged our bleary-eyed selves into the Boston Daily HQ and were greeted with an email from a friend titled “OH MY GOD!” Assuming she got another promotion without a bump in pay, we prepared to console her. Fortunately, the news was good for both her and us.

We’re going to Christmas at Fenway.

Our friend must have been very nice this year, since she was one of the few people to win the opportunity to buy tickets within the walls of Fenway Park tomorrow morning. Since getting this good news, we’ve tried to figure out what exactly we have the opportunity to buy.

Fans may purchase up to two Sox Pax at a maximum of four tickets per package during the “Christmas at Fenway” event. All fans who win the opportunity to attend the Fenway event are guaranteed the chance to purchase two Sox Pax.

Most single-game tickets–including all Green Monster Seats and Right Field Roof Seats–will go on sale in February, making four-game Sox Pax the first opportunity for fans to buy tickets to many individual games–including Opening Day and some Yankees games–in time for Christmas.

Somehow, the phrase “Sox Pax” broke our brains. What does this mean?

Each pack includes one ticket for each game in the pack. Fans will be allowed to purchase up to four seats per pack, up to two pax, subject to availability.

And we have to mull this over at 9 a.m. on a Saturday? This is going to end so very badly.

What we’re really excited for is the opportunity to meet some of the players.

The Fenway event will include Red Sox players and alumni as well as round-table discussions with club officials. Manager Terry Francona, pitcher Curt Schilling, and catcher Jason Varitek have already confirmed to attend the event with other participants expected to be announced in the coming days.

Please God, let Jacoby Ellsbury be there too. He’s already in town. Why not stop by the office on a Saturday, Jacoby? We promise we won’t be at all stalkerish or creepy. Promise. (We also wouldn’t run away from Mike Lowell, Amy P.)

We’ve warned our friends not to let us spend money on baseball tickets when we need to save our pennies for trivialities like food and shelter. But if the opportunity to be there in person when the Sox collect their World Series rings presents itself, we fear we may be unable to resist. Or to be there for the Patriots Day game. Or for a Sox/Yankees game.

The hell with it. We’re going to call Visa and beg them to increase our limit. Will Tito call Bob Watson a bastard for taking away his life-saving fleece shirts? Will Schilling hand out John McCain buttons? We’ll report back on Monday.