Come Take a Trip on Ron Paul’s Airship

1197299731In this age of new media, it takes a lot for a candidate to stand out. Mitt Romney held a contest for his supporters to create their own campaign ad. Mike Huckabee has created a YouTube hit with his Chuck Norris-approved spot. But our man Ron Paul doesn’t need such newfangled technology to get his point across.

All he needs is a blimp.

. . . [A]n airship with Paul’s name on the side will, if all goes as planned, tool around New Hampshire leading up to the Jan. 8 Republican primary.

Perhaps a little bit more than the candidate’s last name should go on the side of the airship, since most people will just think some guy named Paul is proposing marriage to someone in a dramatic way. One of those scrolling displays that explains his anti-tax philosophy would probably help his cause, as well as reassuring the confused residents below.

However, we’re hoping somebody sends the Paul campaign some money, because he’s hoping to pull a stunt in Boston that we must see.

The blimp is to appear at a rally in Boston next Saturday, then play a key role in a fund-raising event the day after timed with the Boston Tea Party: Tea is to be dumped from the blimp into Boston Harbor.

We didn’t think anything could top Walker, Texas Ranger endorsing Huckabee, but that may just be the coolest publicity stunt we’ve ever heard. Crates of Earl Gray bearing Paul’s image peppering the calm waters of Boston, sending the brave souls who sail through the harbor in the dead of winter below deck, convinced the terrorists have come for their yachts.

While we’d love to see this happen, we’re not so sure that Mayor Tom Menino wants the city inundated with panicked phone calls reporting explosions in the harbor, so we called his office to see if he’d heard about the plan. His confused press officer said they’d get back to us this afternoon. We’ll let you know if the mayor will spoil our fun when we hear back.