Hate Boy Scouts? We’ve Got a Job for You

1195060030You may remember the Cambridge Election Commission best as the mean-spirited liberals who kicked the local Boy Scout troop out of polling places during last month’s elections after a complaint that their presence endorsed the war. Marsha Weinerman, the executive director of the election commission, took most of the heat for the decision. But if you’re a Democrat who wants to be close to controversy, the city is looking to hire you.

The Cambridge Democrats are looking for a new election commissioner.

Democrats in Cambridge are encouraged to apply for a Democratic seat on the Cambridge Election Commission, the term to begin on April 1, 2008. Appointment to this position is made by the Cambridge City Manager from a list of three individuals submitted by the Cambridge Democratic City Committee following its nominations meeting, which is scheduled for Feb. 27.

Aside from being mean to Boy Scouts, the job seems pretty dull if previous questionnaires are any indication. Most of it consists of getting voters to actually show up at the polls and debating the Cincinnati Method and electronic voting. But if you’re still bent out of shape at the idea of a hanging chad or voting irregularity, this could be the job for you.