MBTA Renews Its Commitment to Substandard Service

1197316193This weekend, the Red Sox somehow unloaded bag of suck Eric Gagne. We bring this up because it’s proof that someone in this state can comprehend that when something goes horribly, horribly wrong it’s acceptable to admit a mistake and correct it.

Apparently, this philosophy hasn’t been embraced by the MBTA, who resigned the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co. to a three-year extension worth untold millions of dollars.

Yes, that MBCR. The one who’s made your ride from the suburbs to the city uncomfortable, more expensive, and unreliable.

The commuter company had its worst service to date in October and November; 3 in 10 trains were at least five minutes late. The company faced another crisis in summer 2006, when canceled trains and non-airconditioned coaches left passengers steamed.

The MBCR who’s brought about one of the worst commuter rail systems in the United States.

Over the past four years, since the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Co. began operating the region’s suburban rail service, the system has regularly trailed Chicago’s Metra, New York’s Metro-North, New Jersey Transit’s commuter rail, and the Long Island Rail Road, in on-time performance, a Boston Globe review shows.

And since January, the system has posted its worst on-time performance yet: 84.5 percent of the commuter trains have been on time, compared to 94 percent or higher for rail lines in other states.

Fine. Keep the agency. We’ve hardly paid for a ride on the relatively reliable Providence line since the MBCR took over. Either the conductors are too lazy or too busy to collect our fares, which is fine with us. We just feel awful for the poor souls who take the commuter rail on a daily basis. At least they can console themselves with the fact that Gagne won’t ruin any games they will miss next season due to a late train.