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Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1197314838To dump or not to dump, that is the question: Bostonist talks to Ron Paul’s press person, who says the tea dump is “only symbolic and related to what other groups are doing on the ground to commemorate the Boston Tea Party.” They may want to take “Dump Tea Into Harbor from Blimp” off their schedule, because we’re still taking that literally. [Bostonist]

Subway Sicko quotes Shaggy: Jeffrey Berman, a 60-year-old Newton man, turned himself in after a Boston Latin student snapped his picture and accused him of groping her and exposing himself to other students. Berman said, “it wasn’t me,” and now we’ve got that Shaggy song you couldn’t avoid in 2000 stuck in our heads. [WBZ]

Might be a bad time to bring a gun to the mall, chief: Local gun enthusiast Jay G causes a stir at Universal Hub after announcing he’s planning on bringing firearms to the mall less than a week after a teenager shot people in an Omaha mall. It’ll be and express shipping from here on in for us. [MArooned via Universal Hub]

The middle class catches a break: Harvard University announced today that families who make up to $180,000 will pitch in only 10 percent of their annual income toward tuition at the notoriously expensive school. Study hard, kids. []