Spanning the Web

Taking you around the internet for your afternoon enjoyment.

1197492247A Xanax, however, would be lovely: Logan is all ready for the holidays. Some of their preparations are welcome, like adding additional Blue Line trains and reducing the price of parking. But hiring an a capella group and a horn quartet to perform at peak travel times may not soothe the nerves of harried travelers. [WCVB]

What, no Hazel Mae? The Boston Music Awards is auctioning off a dinner for eight with sports writer Peter Gammons and Buffalo Tom singer and guitarist Bill Janovitz. Red at Surviving Grady is already enlisting his fans to go in on the $1,000 minimum bid with him. [eBay via Surviving Grady]

We thought we knew you, Channel 7: After a major area roadway was closed due to a suspicious television taped to a light pole, we thought we could count on WHDH to be all over it and come up with a snappy headline. But the only local incendiary device coverage on its website is a bomb threat at Newton North high school. What gives? [WHDH]

Martha Coakley continues to haggle: Attorney General Martha Coakley is still not satisfied with the rates auto insurers have quoted under the new managed competition system. Coakley says rates would have fallen 11 percent under the old system, and questions why the state’s four largest insurers offered similar rate cuts. We kind of want to go shopping with Coakley—she drives a hard bargain. []