This Just In: Snow is Falling!

1197569163Aww, look. How pretty. The snow falls around Santa’s merry visage, bringing back those warm holiday feelings we love so much. Our toes may be cold, but our hearts are warm.

Oh, wait. Our bad. We forgot we’re supposed to be panicking right now.

OH MOTHER OF GOD, IT’S SNOWING. Leave work now! Go home to your loved ones.

I recommend leaving work early today to beat the evening commute chaos. Heavy snow overspreads the area after noon and stays heavy through 8pm. We should pick up a widespread 5-8″…

Universal Hub has set its French Toast Alert Level System to High in response to the city announcing a snow emergency.

It’s an official snow emergency in the city of Boston, people! And you know what that means? Yes, make sure your larder is well stocked with bread, eggs and milk AND you’ve pulled up all those crappy old chairs from the basement, you know, the ones missing seat backs and the ones with only three legs, for curbside space saving.

The Herald is especially worried.

State highway crews are bracing for an ugly afternoon commute and Logan Airport has cots ready for stranded passengers as the first big snow storm of the season threatens to cripple travel with up to 10 inches of snow.

“It’s probably going to be pretty much a nightmare,” added Alan Dunham, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Needham, who expects the powder to stop falling at 9 tonight.

What advice does the chief engineer of the Massachusetts Highway Department have to give?

Frank Tramontozzi. . . recommended that commuters take the T to work.

No thanks, dude. We’ve got out snowshoes and a granola bar—we’re walking home. We certainly won’t get in the way of anyone’s shoveling.