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1197551899This could ruin Christmas: This afternoon, former Senate majority leader George Mitchell’s report on performance enhancing drugs in baseball will be released, accusing more than 60 players of using the drugs. Please God, let no active Sox players be named. [Herald]

But our at least we’ll have a nightmare commute to distract us: A snowstorm will hit the area this afternoon, dropping about half a foot of snow. Pack a snack—this isn’t going to be an easy ride home. [Globe]

Good contract hunting: The writer’s strike in Hollywood is starting to affect Boston’s entertainment industry. Local musical acts are losing late-night talk show appearances, and projects for local actors are drying up. [Herald]

We’re good for it, we swear: The developers of the $800 million Columbus Center have a month to prove they can finance the project after breaking away from their original lender. It’s somewhat comforting to know it’s not just average homeowners losing out in this horrible mortgage market. [Globe]