Ron Paul Lets Us Down

1197658276This weekend’s upcoming nor’easter isn’t only wreaking havoc with our holiday theater plans, but it also canceled the political event to end all political events. We were shocked to find that our boy Ron Paul won’t be bringing his airship to Boston this weekend. (Link via Bostonist.)

Ron, we thought we knew you.

The Ron Paul we know and love wouldn’t let the weather keep his blimp down. (That’s not a euphemism, even though it sounds like it should be.) You’re the guy who raised $4 million in one day, the most of any Republican candidate this election cycle. Where is the determination that we love so much?

The media has tried to paint you as the impossible candidate, but you persevered. And the vicious political pundits are a force much stronger than some gusty winds and a few snowflakes. Our hearts, they break.

But there is hope. Maybe we’ll have a Boston Tea Party Day miracle.

This evening Airship Management Services and the Ron Paul Blimp Team reviewed the weather expected this weekend in Boston, MA. We have determined that there is less than a 10% chance that it will be safe to have the blimp in Boston or in flight to Boston on the weekend of December 15th/16th.

Unless major, almost miraculous changes in the weather occur in Boston the Blimp will now be in Columbia, South Carolina on Sunday the 16th of December during the nationwide TeaParty.

We’ll keep wishing for smooth sailing on Sunday. In the meantime, we’ll amuse ourselves with this interview candidate Paul gave in a college dorm room last year and his holiday advertisement. The only thing stranger than the Paul family’s white Christmas tree is the unusual sight of the Texas congressman trying to smile on cue.