Chris Daly Shows His New York Bias

1197926005Our feelings aren’t easily hurt around here. Sure, we’re sad when our mothers don’t allow us to have dogs, but most of the time we take our knocks in stride. But when we read that BU journalism professor Chris Daly would rather give an interview to the New York Times than us, we were a little wounded.

Last week, we read all about Daly’s blog entry on a Washington Post story written by Perry Bacon Jr. We figured the Boston native would want to talk to a Boston-based blog, so we asked him to comment. Instead, he talked to the Times.

As for Mr. Daly, he said by telephone on Friday that he had been “a little surprised at the sheer volume and intensity of the reaction” to his original post. In a follow-up entry on Dec. 11, he wrote that he had “meant no disrespect to Mr. Bacon personally. In my view, this is not about him.”

Instead, Mr. Daly said by telephone, he had meant to focus on “standards of journalistic practice,” like the guidance and editing of reporters at influential media organizations. He added that he regretted the way he had phrased his comments about Mr. Bacon.

“It didn’t come out right,” he said. “Blogging is very much an off-the-cuff enterprise, it’s not like the careful research that I do.”

Maybe this is the pain talking, but is it because we’re so young, Professor Daly?