The Last Word

Your long day of corporate drudgery is over. Get out and enjoy the city! Here are a few ideas to get you started, lovingly picked by Boston Daily.

When we fight with our siblings, we usually resort to the “I’m not touching you!” maneuver. We like to imagine the chefs at Sibling Rivalry’s Monday Fight Night doing this as they’re busy preparing their three-course meals.

Boston’s stand-up scene ain’t what it used to be, but there are still plenty of aspiring comedians in town. See the next star before he or she hits it big at the Comedy Connection’s Amateur Showcase.

Champagne: It’s not just for weddings. UpStairs on the Square’s annual Champagne Tasting features the latest brands of bubbly, served with small plates.

We were pretty proud of ourselves when we remember to write a check to charity. Then we read about people like Alan Rabinowitz and feel like worthless layabouts. The biologist talks about the difficulty of creating the world’s largest tiger preserve in Myanmar at Harvard. And we promise we’ll write that check tomorrow.