You Say You Want a Revolution

1197916196Much like seeing The Sixth Sense after our friend gleefully told us the ending, we were sorely disappointed in the Ron Paul blimp experience this weekend. Yes, we know it was windy and precipitating all day, but going from “dropping tea in the harbor from a blimp” to what actually transpired is almost as bad as knowing Bruce Willis‘ character is dead from the get-go. (Spoiler alert!)

Here’s what we thought would happen.

The blimp is to appear at a rally in Boston next Saturday, then play a key role in a fund-raising event the day after timed with the Boston Tea Party: Tea is to be dumped from the blimp into Boston Harbor.

Sounds awesome, if unsafe, right? Though later that day, the Paul supporters backed off their claim.

Bryce Henderson, media contact for the Ron Paul Blimp team reassured Bostonist that the tea-dumping was only symbolic and related to what other groups are doing on the ground to commemorate the Boston Tea Party.

So the tea would go into water at least, right? Wrong.

[TeaParty07 Spokeswoman Rachael] McIntosh said 400 supporters later marched to Faneuil Hall, where about 700 people listened to speeches by Rand Paul, the candidate’s son; Carla Howell, a libertarian who ran unsuccessfully for Massachusetts governor in 2002; and others.

Supporters also reenacted the dumping of tea in Boston Harbor by tossing banners that read “tyranny” and “no taxation without representation” into boxes that were placed in front of an image of the harbor.

They couldn’t even toss crates into the actual harbor from the dock? Come on. Our forefathers didn’t half-ass a revolution, and we’re pretty sure they would have dropped tea from a blimp had the technology been available to them. We expected more from Ron Paul’s revolutionaries.